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Sept. 30, 2016, 6:47 a.m. -  Gabi and Steve Hobbs

that's right, Adele. Well said. Glory to Him and may Yeshoua be with you so you can encourage multitudes. We have enjoyed the study a lot. We've just came back from a space conference in Melbourne (ASRC Conference) and our Lord has amazed us, as usual. We sometimes have different agendas, but He reminds us all the time that He is the boss and moves us in accordance to His will. I met a Romanian professor working with NASA to look at the dark patches of Sun behind of the side we see. She is Romanian: Dr Alina Dorea at Monash Univ of Melb. We were there to tell this lady that if she is to live in the truth, in the light, she has to tell the truth to her family (kid included) She is divorced of her Ro. husband, but kept it a secret 'to benefit her daughter' who is almost 11. It is amazing how God works and how He never gives up on people we might think as lost. This lady wanted to read the French books in French, not only in Ro and English:). We pray that your hard work brings fruits for His glory. it is so much enjoyable to study what God gives you to share. thanks a lot, be blessed with heavenly blessings. Gabi and Steve Hobbs Psalm 119

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